Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Handmade gifts for Christmas

We are in a position where we don't buy lots of gifts each year for lots of people, and I'd like more and more of what we do give to be homemade. There will probably always be exceptions though.

As well as gifts, I like to make our own decorations and plan to make some more bunting with some seasonal fabrics to add to those made for Imogen's birthday which will look good over the festive season too. I knitted several things for the Christmas tree last year and will add to that this year, and some bits and pieces for Imogen to play with too of course.

In the run up to Christmas I shall be finding things to do with Imogen too - some snowflakes, some clay ornaments, felt creations and whatever else we can think of. I have lots of fancy wool (and other wool) so will think of things she can have a go at with them.

So for now I need to settle on what I'm going to make - a couple of things are in progress, with more to follow including a woolly hat and scarf for Imogen from my handspun wool, something she has been asking me to make for her.

Will start posting pictures of either inspiration or completed projects as I go along. I do like Christmas time, I love to give things to others and see the joy in their faces.

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