Thursday, 22 October 2009

I want to hibernate ...

Since Imogen's 4th birthday both Imogen and I have had colds, coughs and been generally unwell. Sometimes one of us has shown signs of recovering only for it to return again. Now we have both had enough and we're fed up. So I was thinking of hibernating until our good health returns.

I've got things I want to update on here - post birthday pictures and fun, and craft projects in the making but I have not got the energy to sit here and type it all up, so for now a short post.

Imogen is going to tell us a story she has been thinking about all day about penguins, and they needed a fish pie made so we mad a fish pie out of a cardboard box and some foam sheets. This inspired me to also make a fish pie for tea. So in the oven is a "pie invention" of mine that we make reasonable regular as a big pie so we can freeze lots of portions for other nights. It's basically salmon and mashed potato with some grated Applewood cheese and a topping of creamed spinach (from River Cottage - HFW - have you noticed I like a few of his recipes :-)), all encased in a lovely pie crust. It's absolutely lovely, especially on a damp evening that today has turned out to be.

Hopefully I'll be posting more soon, with more interesting posts of things we've been up to, when I feel more awake and human again. In the meantime, lots of knitting and craft ideas swimming around in my head or on the needles awaiting attention. Back soon.

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