Sunday, 16 January 2011

Story making ...

Imogen loves to draw, loves to read, loves to write ... all things she has been doing for a while now. She had drawing materials from a young age, learnt to read aged 4 quickly followed by writing - phonetically at first and then spelling things pretty well and now very well, she asks for help with big words though. All these things learnt before formal schooling started and she has surprised and wow-ed her teachers. Her writing is really getting good now - she writes lots of things, lists of animals her toy fox is going to eat, adventures she is having, etc.

She wrote a little story in her phonetic writing style a long while back, I blogged about that here, and has often told stories with pictures she has drawn ... often with several pages of pictures!

She has now progressed to drawing and writing little stories. Today she has written a little story about a princess and a dragon, and one about a Chinese dragon dancing - one of the subjects for this half term at school. We've watched some videos on You Tube which she loved and we are going to go along to a Chinese New Year festival in the City in a couple of weeks time. ETA - she's written another 3 stories now too, although not sure I should share a story on here about a pig who needed to fart! (5 year olds think it's funny!).

Princess and Dragon story

Chinese Dragon story

Here are her stories from today. She excitedly said she was now an author and illustrator just like Emily Gravett - something she said she wanted to be after meeting Emily at the Wessex Book Festival which I blogged about here. She wants to take them to show her teacher tomorrow and the other children in a "show and tell" thing they do.

Oh, go on here's another one, but not the pig story!

Shark story


  1. She sounds so much like Luke at a similar age. Lovely to see such enthusiasm.

  2. Really wonderful. Such beautiful pictures and stories!

  3. Lovely stories and pictures Imogen

  4. Wonderful stories and illustrations too. I'd love to hear the farting pig story though, ha ha.


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