Thursday, 28 January 2010

Then she wrote a book ...

Saturday afternoon, after a lovely walk at Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve and a stroll along the beach, I decided to ring my parents. Imogen declared she may be too busy to say hello and sat down with her drawing pad and a pencil. OK, I thought, sometimes she just doesn't want to talk on the phone.

She always starts chatting away to me when I'm on the phone (which isn't very often) and was telling me about how she was writing a story. She sat drawing pictures and telling a story and I chatted away. To my amazement, she had actually been writing down what she was saying - a few mis-spelt words, or letters missing but she had drawn and written her story. The names of the characters were unusual, and the story a little vague, but here are some excerpts. I hope you like them. They will certainly be treasured here.

Page 1 - she even drew a page border "Once upon a time there Bear -
(and) nninim (the mouse)"

"There Mos (the blackbird) (and) Sam (the Robin)"
(friends of the bear)
"To see a pig oo"
(oo being the pigs name)
"But miycl (rabbit)"
(phonetically perfect for Michael!)
"The End"

Her story also had a squirrel called sos, another bird called owi and a dinosaur - the only word she asked me to help her spell for her story. I'm not entirely sure what was happening in the story but she does and that's all that matters.

She told her teacher at pre-school about it so I scanned and copied it for them and they were in awe of her. My little treasure. Her first book written all by herself. We have made many books in the past where I have written the words for her and she has drawn all the pictures, but this book is all her own work, all 11 pages of it.

She did eventually have a chat with her Nanny and Grandad and told them about her story.


  1. I love it! She has really shown a flair for this, she should be very proud of herself.

  2. Thankyou Claire, she really is proud of herself, and can't get enough of reading and writing her own stories now - even if they make no sense to anyone else, they do to her.


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