Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Knitted Earth

Pledging to do a little, the little things all add up right? A time to reflect on our impact on the Earth? Well I think so, therefore all will be off in the house tonight, candlelight only and a flask of hot water for a warm drink.

A little candlelight reading

I think I shall be either reading or knitting by candlelight tonight, although I haven't ruled out carding the alpaca fibre I washed the other day - just not sure by candlelight. What about you, how are you spending it?

 Mother Earth by candlelight


  1. Also planning some knitting by candle light. If I can stay awake that long!

  2. I love your knitted Earth!

  3. knitting by candle light for me and some mother earth dreaming.
    Love that last photo xx

  4. Read books by candlelight and then snuggled in bed to feed two little people. Actually I cheated because I do this every night (redfaced admission).
    BTW - thinking of you today when I spotted a lovely handmade spinning wheel outside a preloved shop in Wales. Was a beautiful wheel and appeared to be usable to my amateur eye. So tempted to buy but at £75 for a handmade of which I wasn't sure of the abilities and so I turned sadly away. The wood was stunning though, so heavy and smooth, would have been a wonderful thing just to hold and caress. Ah well, it's over 100 miles away now and I won't be back there until next month....
    Funny how little things like that remind us of lovely people we haven't even met.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Hi Becks, how lovely. Shame about the wheel though, although you do have to be careful with ones that are handmade - often they are made by hobbyists who "think" they can build a working wheel - and whilst it may look beautiful, they often don't work very well. There are some good ones though, but I'd always want to see it working or try it out first. Maybe one will be right for you one day, it's just waiting for you x


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