Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday ... and a month has gone by

Well, it's Saturday and would you believe it's been a whole month since I went to the last Guild meeting and brought home my beautiful new spinning wheel? I can't believe she's been here a month already, although she has settled in quite wonderfully. Mind you I only revealed her recently on the blog so it probably doesn't feel like a month on here.

So today it's the next meeting, I wonder what it shall bring this month?!?!

There's a talk in the morning from one of the Guild members about weaving from Peru and an artist she is passionate about after visiting last year. The afternoon is a session on traditional rug making so should be good.

Imogen has gone to a birthday party at the cinema with her friends and Daddy in tow. They've gone to see Toy Story 3 which she loves and knows well so should have a good time.

Have a lovely weekend all.

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  1. Your meeting sounds interesting, hope you enjoyed it.


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