Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring cleaning and spinning

Doesn't time fly some times, poor neglected blog!

So except for spending time setting up the Spinspiration blog with Kelly, I have been busy felting and will be hopefully opening a shop online soon to sell some of the figures I make. They are so enjoyable to create, and I often have inspiration for colours, designs when out and about.

I have been doing a lot of spinning too. Some Hebridean as in my post on the other blog, but I have now washed some of that as I think it will spin easier. I've also washed some Wensleydale I was given by my in-laws last year but haven't spun any of that one yet. My spinning wheel and the carder have been busy with the grey Zwartlbe - I have a few of these fleeces so am hoping to spin many skeins up and knit myself something, I just don't know what yet. Time to scour Ravelry.

Messy, dirty greenhouse

This was after I removed Imogens bike, a box of jars, 
numerous trays and pots ...

Ah, that's where I put the trays and pots!

Improvement? I think so
Pots and trays returned, clean greenhouse

With Spring arriving, the garden needs attention - lots of it, it was rather neglected last year so this year we want to improve on that. Seeds are being sown, more to do. If seeds are sprouting and plants are growing, then I need space in the greenhouses. So the other day in glorious sunshine I cleared the larger greenhouse and cleaned the whole lot, the glass is sparkling now. Just the smaller one to do in the next couple of days - it's pretty empty but needs a clean.

Oh, and underneath some cardboard boxes, and empty trays, I found these survivors from last year - impressive eh considering I didn't know they were there so no idea where they've found enough water to survive. Needless to say I shall be planting these out in the garden - I think they will be strong plants if they could survive there neglected.

Survivors - chard and cavalo nero

So that's what I've been up to.

Oh I need to add a correction to a previous post after my lovely husband pointed out an error. In this post  I mentioned that we cleaned the annex to the house. Annex may sound a bit too "posh" for what it is although I never know what to call it - it's really just a glorified passageway so I don't want anyone to have any misconceptions about it. Although on reflection I may start calling it the East Wing! (it is on the eastern side of the house).


  1. So much stuff going on, how wonderful! I must admit to being a little green with envy, two greenhouses! I have to make do with one of those teeny plastic things, I suppose the plus side is there is less to clean :)

    And I am so excited about seeing your shop, I am sure it will be a wonderful success.

  2. Thanks Claire.

    I have been lucky with the greenhouses - the small one was here when we bought the house and the larger one was given to me by my Dad when he realised he didn't have the room for it anymore. He now uses one of the plastic ones!

  3. Wow Dawn, I'm impressed by your survivors! Feels good to get ready for the new season doesn't it xx

  4. Some years I manage to clear the greenhouse as soon as the last tomatoes were picked. Not last year. I've got a clearing job to do too!

    I'd stick with East Wing. Hey, you've got to call it something!

  5. Yay, so glad you are opening a shop. I already have a wishlist of things I need to buy from you! I hope you will be taking comissions too. Best of luck talented mama.

  6. Thankyou Lou, and yes I'd be happy to take commissions, just got to sort out postage policy and I'll be there, oh and finish some pieces too x

  7. You've been busy. Can't wait for your shop to open...will you be selling your spun wool too?


  8. The start of the growing season is always busy. Nice to have some plants ready to plant out too, they should do well for you if they've stood up to the winter we've just had.

  9. Busy busy woman! Oh my greenhouse is probably worse - still last years toms sitting in the growbags - and we lost several roof panes due to the heavy snow. and the hens used it as a day camp in the winter - sigh.
    How exciting about your shop - about time though - wishing your lots of success. xxx

  10. What lovely comments, thank you so much.

    Shell - I'm not sure about the spun wool, no idea if it's of "selling" quality really (?), maybe one day.

    Jacqui - yes, my tomato plants were still in here all withered, there still are some in the smaller greenhouse along with the remnants of the melon plants. Might clean that today as the sun is shining so ideal to be outside.

    Thank you all, lovely friends x

  11. Dawn, you have been very busy! I think it is wonderful that you are going to open a shop. You are so creative. I just know it will be fantastic. I have been washing fleece too!
    Happy spring days!


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