Friday, 11 March 2011

Park fun

Two posts in two days, thank you so much for the lovely comments left in my last post especially the well wishes for the shop - it's been a long time coming and your support and encouragement means a lot to me.

On to other recent ventures, this time playtime. We are lucky to have so many lovely parks to go to very close by, here's some of the fun we've had at them recently.


We went down to the shore at the weekend too to see the fly-by of the Spitfire celebrating 75 years since it's first flight down the Solent. The day was a little misty and dull so photographs were near impossible to take. The sun came out a while later so we had some fun with a new ball.

Did you not know she could fly?

Taking a break!

Fading crocusses

Spring is really moving on now too, the snowdrops are a distant memory and now the crocusses are fading fast too. The daffodils are in their element now and soon, very soon the gardens will burst into colour. The trees are already leafing beautifully, bright greens and reds ... beautiful.

Lovely sight on the living willow structure at the park. We enjoyed touching these furry catkins

Daddy having some fun too!

Imogen just loves the zipwire, I lost count how many times she flew down this.

Lovely sunny days, lovely fun play.


  1. It's nice to be able to get out again now the better weather's here, though it looks like Imogen's zonked out from all that fresh air. I just love furry catkins, so tactile.

  2. The catkins are just coming out here too, I was showing them to Sophie, but she wouldn't come anywhere near them, I think she thought they were creatures of some kind!


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