Friday, 21 October 2011

Catching up ...

Well I'm good at this regular blogging at the moment aren't I? Hmmm, not really - must do better. Must have been a while, even Alex mentioned I should update the blog!

 Pumpkin face painting
and jumping on the bouncy jungle run (a now traditional photo)

So how about a little catch up. We had a lovely day at the Hampshire Pumpkin festival, lovely roasted pumpkin soup - the "best in show" was a regular comment I heard. I painted Imogens face before going - one queue and a few pennies saved! Some crafts, some fun and listening to Alex with the Southampton Ukelele Jam. We bumped into friends there which was lovely, and fun was had by all.

SUJ - 1st set of two
Ukelele jam pumpkin scarecrow
SUJ - 2nd set

Imogen and I did some felting at home, felting some beads and around a couple of stones. We had a lot of fun and going to do more soon together. Oops forgot the photo - another time, another post.

Imogen's had a good half term at school and this week received a Head Teachers Certificate for a story she wrote at home and took in to show her teachers - they all thought it was brilliant and praised her lovely writing. She was very proud, as we are too.  She's continuing to challenge them on the reading front too and loving her reading. She's been enjoying drawing and crafting at school too and also being involved in acting out stories in the role play area - this week they have done some Hindu stories to tie in with looking at Divali. She loved acting the story of Rama and Sita.

Last weekend was my Guild meeting, after the committee meeting it was a feast for the eyes and hands to walk around the hall decked with fibres of all kinds and colours as Wingham Wool were here (they come every year). I did make a few small purchases. There were so many wheels there as you can sample fibres before buying - I lost count at over 30 spinning wheels.

Wingham Wool day at the Guild
 Ooh lovely fibres
 Lots of wheels and fibre
Fibre samples and other small packets of fibre and yarn

Lots of knitting projects on the go or in the planning stage. A finished item to show you, some friends of ours got married earlier this week so this was our gift to them - a knitted wedding cake. On reflection - taking a picture on our black sofa wasn't such a good idea - the groom is in purple and they have brown hair but the colours are a bit lost here - oops.

 Wedding cake gift
(all acrylic - gift was for a vegan couple)

Back to finishing off a hat, scarf for Imogen, socks for Christmas for Alex and a few other things to finish off before starting the next thing! Ha ha, no you're right that's not likely to happen - more likely I'll start something else whilst trying to finish other things.
Chutney on the hob

This week we also used up some harvest excesses and made chutney and it's looking and tasting lovely. Now for it to mature a while to improve - just in time for Christmas.

Chutney in the jars

Phew, I need a coffee now. Back soon with more. Looking forward to half term next week, a Gruffalo nature walk at a local forest, a trip to the cinema and lots of time with family.

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  1. Hi Dawn
    So much activity and creativity as always. I love Imogen's pumpkin face. A beautiful little pumpkin! Well done to her on her story! ah, Wingham Wool at your guild meeting. That must have been a fun day. Love the chutney too. I am sure it will be delicious. And the wedding couple - what a precious gift. Happy weekend to you and your family, Dawn!


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