Thursday, 27 October 2011

Christmas making and meet Ellie ...

Having a crafty day today, half term, raining outside so we've been making decorations for Christmas! Yes Christmas decorations in October, but hey why not.

So having looked through a craft book from the library Imogen has made a Christmas tree today and an Angel decoration and some paper chains. I loved making paper chains as a child and it seems Imogen does too. They're all drying so perhaps I can share photos another time - maybe when they go up around the house. Here's a couple of pictures I took as she was making them.

  making a Christmas tree

She's also made up some ELC Christmas picture frames I bought in the sale last year for her to make - magnetic picture frames that will be gifts to grandparents and one for ourselves.

Been felting, knitting and spinning a little myself recently, thought I'd share a picture of Ellie - a little rainbow elephant (a la Elmer) I made for Imogen recently. It's about 2 inches tall and she loves it. Nice quick easy knit in one piece, sewn and stuffed and ears knitted on by picking up stitches.

Ellie the little Elmer Elephant


  1. Ellie is wonderful, as is Imogens creation. It is never too early to start Christmas decorations!xxx

  2. Ellie is a great knit Dawn, looks like she has a real personality! We love Elmer here, you'll have to post the pattern :) Love that I'm not the only one doing Christmas things already! Sounds like you've been having a great time xx


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