Monday, 10 October 2011

What a lovely Mom ...

I returned home from taking Imogen to school this morning, well after staying for Coffee Pot (our coffee and a chat group!) to a parcel having been left in my greenhouse.

parcel cunningly disguised as "dress material" 

An airmail parcel from Australia. My parents are currently there visiting my brother and his family.

You know you're Mom knows you well when she sends a parcel of ...

Merino Wool

Freshly sheared Australian Merino! They were at a farm and watched the shearing. Oh yes, it is so so soft and so crimpy, look ...
 Crimpy, fluffy soft merino

Thank you Mom!


  1. What a lovely surprise. Love the idea that the postman left it in the greenhouse. Have you already decided what you are going to do with it?

  2. Wow!! What fun you are going to have! I bet your mind has been whirring with the possibilities!!

  3. Oh my! What a parcel - what a Mum!
    Enjoy :)

  4. Excellent! Way to get one over on Customs lol ;) xx

  5. Awesome! I hear that they're very greasy, but that does *look* too bad! Have fun, it looks so gorgeous! I'm busy working on a coloured ryeland fleece as my first sheepy fibre prep experience! It was an interesting day washing it!

  6. Fab...mums are great aren't they. Have fun xxx


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