Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Seeds and planning ...

combining seed planning and knitting!

I don't like January. There I said it. Not because it's about getting over the over-indulgence and  over-spending at Christmas; we just don't do that. I don't like that it is so dark in the mornings still - it feels darker than December, although the days should be getting longer, I think the lightness is more early evening.

But what I do like about January is the anticipation of the growing season ahead. I love getting the seeds and organising them. This year I have transferred my seeds into a new to me seed tin. My previous tins have served me well but having the option to put all the seeds together was welcomed.

Old seed tins
and new seed tins
 So I have gone through the seed packets and popped them into the month of earliest sowing, taken out a few that we won't use or have too many of to take to the seed swap in February. Seeing them all there organised turns my attention to the guides, charts, books, previous records, etc to plan ahead.

Yes, January is a time for much planning and organising for the garden and allotment plot. I'm guessing I'm not alone in doing this at the moment - how are your plans and organising of seeds going?

Now I just need a good day to get out and clear and clean the greenhouse and I'm ready to sow, sow, sow ...


  1. I love your posh new seed tin, and I love the colour of your yarn too. I've just put an order in for the last few seeds I need for this year, then the sorting in to months will start, though I did sow a few seeds at the weekend.

  2. Your seed tin looks so much better than my shoe box!! I've been contemplating doing some early sowing as the ground is obviously warm enough for many of the spring flowers already!

  3. You are so oragnised Dawn, you put us to shame!! Definately my favourite part of the month too, the planning for the growing season...now, to find that battered box that our seeds are stored in...! x

  4. Gosh - I have an ancient focus diy carrier bag for my seed tin - really must dig it out and see what I can salvage.
    I am beginning to see a wee change in the mornings now, but definitely more light in the evenings. I keep forgetting about the Northern lights - we don't have a great view of the north sky from the house. I will make an effort to check on it though. xxx

  5. Ooohhh I have that seed tin, it is a beauty isn't it!

  6. Hi Deco Cat - yes I noticed your tin on your blog, lovely big tins and space - soon filled though!


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