Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny over on Small Things for the Yarn Along, thank you for hosting Ginny.

Well I missed posting this last week when it was a newly started project and as it was such a quick knit it's already finished.

Wristwarmers in progress

Last year I knitted myself some stripy multi-coloured wristwarmers and Imogen asked me to knit her some recently. So I had a lovely ball of King Cole Riot chunky and thought that would be perfect for them. No pattern - just in my head, although I did make some notes in case I want to make any more as they fit so lovely. Only used about 50g, so have 50g left for something, who knows what.

 Finished wristwarmers modelled lovely
(yes in pyjamas!)

I'm still (slowly) reading Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett, but this week have also been reading some articles on plying in some back issues of Spin-Off magazine and spinning books. I'm attending a Spinning design workshop this weekend so was looking at ideas to try, inspiration and different ways to ply yarn. Oh and as you may be able to see beneath the first picture - browsing seed catalogues and checking growing charts for the sowing season ahead in the garden.

Looking forward to catching up on all those projects out there.


  1. What lovely colours, really cheery. Enjoy your weekend of spinning and plying.

  2. The wristwarmers look so lovely and warm. Gorgeous colours. I'm not surprised she is ready to wear them at any time - even pyjamas. Enjoy your workshop.

  3. What lovely coloured yarn Dawn, the wrist warmers look great! x

  4. I love the colour of the yarn, there's so many wonderful combinations of colours that you can buy now. The wristwarmers look great on Imogen.

  5. They look fab :) I really like the colours of King Cole Riot and I bet they are nice and snuggly too


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