Sunday, 29 January 2012

Still bringing in the harvest ...

My mantra for 2012 for growing in the garden and allotment is to "do more, and do it better". Last year our efforts were not what they should have been. Other things getting in the way, other things given more priority. My previous post shows that the seeds are organised, now the planning of the beds is happening, and planning of the sowing of the seeds.

I'm itching to get going on some things, if only I could know that there isn't going to be a cold snap, but who am I kidding, it's still only January (just!). Wait and we shall be rewarded.

In the meantime, Alex is still bringing home harvested vegetables - spinaches, chard and beetroot and beet leaves. Sorrel aplenty too. A wonderfully successful harvest this year is the Oca - we have had many tub loads of these beauties, and many more still in the ground to come.

"One of the 'Lost Crops' of the Incas, this is one of the staples of people in Bolivia & Peru. 
A very easy crop to grow, with a taste just like potatoes with lemon sauce. No need to peel,
just boil and serve with butter. Mmmmm.
And the lush green foliage with yellow flowers is actually rather pretty in its own right. 
Very few pests seem to like it, so its a real 'no work' crop.""
(Real Seed website)

 Oca Leaves close up
Oca tubers

We saute them in chunks in a mix of olive oil and butter - only take about 10-15 minutes, they were even more wonderfully lemony when sauteed with some wonderful Sorrel!

A fabulous plant - in the ground a long time, need very little care, no posts, the tubers start growing when the days start to shorten in late Autumn (November time). The tubers continue to put on growth even when the plant has dies back.

So a little more patience as we are having a cold snap this week, time to get the greenhouse cleared and cleaned, although it will be housing over 100 bare root fruit trees next week for a week so once they've gone to their new homes the sowing can commence.

"There is peace in the garden. Peace and results" - Ruth Stout

Completely unrelated to growing food or Oca, today I have spent a wonderful day Spinning on a yarn design workshop. Lots of spinning, fun and much laughter with friends. Wonderful day!


  1. I've never even heard of Oca, but sounds lovely. Where do you get the tubers from?

    Just a little jealous of a day of spinning. I've had a day of playing Sylvanian families!!

  2. Hi Claire, Real Seeds for the Oca. We got them from a friend at a seed swap a few years ago. We're having a bumper crop this year - I'll send you a few tubers if you would like to try them. More details here for growing them

  3. The Oca look really interesting. Will have a google. :)

  4. Dawn, I'm really enjoying reading what's growing and going on with you guys. The oca sound interesting. I think we'll try Real Seeds this year, as I want to try more seed saving, and the usual suppliers are all F1 varieties. Happy spinning :) x

  5. I didn't know anything about Oca, I shall have to look in to it a bit more.


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