Friday, 10 February 2012

It kinda happened ...

Although not a lot!

But enough to put a smile on her face.

And she had to leave a footprint on every bit we saw on the walk to school this morning.

Will we get any more?

Looking forward to the weekend and the half term week ahead. It's the Seed Swap weekend here, Alex will be busy at the Art House cafe with the Transitions Treemendous Tree collections; Imogen and I will pop in sometime to say hello and have a browse, and maybe a wander to the city library nearby.

Next week we have a trip to the cinema planned, a trip to the Art gallery for a printmaking art session with a great art teacher. Time at home, time with friends, reading, crafting, baking and welcoming visitors at the end of the week too.

So for the week ahead, fun and laughter definitely. Snow - optional ;-).


  1. I'm glad you got some snow. Not sure if we are due more. It would be good timing during half term.

  2. @Cheryl

    Funny, just been over to see your snow on your blog too! Yes next week would be convenient for snow.

  3. Yay! Have a great weekend, Dawn. Looking forward to half term here too. xx

  4. Glad that Imogen got some snow to play in. We've still got some here, she's more than welcome to it, I'm thoroughly fed up of it now. Sounds like you've got lots of fun planned for half term, I find I'm not having to plan things anymore now the kids are growing up, very sad.

  5. Glad you got some snow :-) Have a lovely half term xx

  6. So glad she got a bit of snow. Your days next week sound fab...I hope you all have a wonderful time xxx


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