Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekending and planning

I don't often blog at the weekends but have a few minutes this morning so thought I would as I think I  am getting back into the rhythm of blogging again, feeling better after the loooong horrible cold.

So this weekend has been a Guild meeting weekend, and great fun it was too. Committee meeting first which I seem to have been cajoled drawn into more this last year, hmmm not sure how that happened - but actually it isn't much extra "work" and I enjoy it, just so long as I keep saying no to the larger roles of chair, secretary and treasury! They are not really me.

Any way committee meeting was interesting talking about all sorts including the National exhibition that is not far away from us this year, lots of our members usually steward there so lots of requests for help on that. Talking also about having an exhibition ourselves but maybe 2013 as the national one is this year.

Talk of the rings for the unclassified entries too, hoping that most members will be sending in these - still working on what mine will be but I have an idea now so will share that some other time. Lots of chatting with members about articles for the newsletter including one of our members who got her Certificate of Achievement last year in Weaving (we've had spinners in the past too), she's writing a piece for the newsletter and her work will be at the national exhibition too, how exciting. I'd love to one day do the COA but wow what a lot of work in the spinning category. Maybe one day.

Also talk and planning some makes within the Guild for a large local charity - lots of ideas and plans there, hoping we can really achive something beautiful for children who need this hospice, and their families.

We had visitors at this meeting too - Woodland Turnery came (a long way from Pontypool) with their wares and knowledge, and shared with us in a talk about how they started, and their journey to now producing and repairing spinning wheels. Lovely people.

As the morning was partly taken up by the committee meeting, the rest was designated on the programme as spin and chat and Woodland Turnery were there for sales, advice and any wheel problems anyone had, I took a spinning wheel. Now often when I take my wheel, I get so caught up in other things that I don't spin even an inch of fibre. But this week after the meeting, chatting and catching up, checking out the library, I say and did some spinning - whoopee!

I also came home and enjoyed some spinning on another wheel at home - some of the lovely Cotswold fleece Kelly kindly sent me last year to try. I love the fleece in it's raw washed state, have tried different methods of preparation as it's a long staple and spun a few rolags. Just trying to figure out the best prep method as I seem to be getting bumps occasionally where the curly ends are. I don't really want to clip them, so will have a think on that one. It's nice wool, maybe in being stored by me a while it has compacted a little  so maybe that's not helped. (actually I think flick carding has really helped this - opening up the fibres).

So a fun day yesterday, today is chilly but lovely sunshine out there already, going to enjoy some of that today.

What no pictures? Maybe another day, things to do, places to go x

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