Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sow and Sew ...that's how it goes ...

This week we are sowing  these

 Off we go sowing

and Imogen is sewing these

 Concentrating on sewing
(and not pricking herself on the needle or pins!)

Using her lovely sewing box I put together for her for Christmas, the box was bought and then filled with goodies - needles, cottons, embroidery threads, fabric pieces ... and she loves it.

Sewing box and treasures within

It was accompanied by a fantastic book for children that I got for her - this one

"Knit It, Stitch It" by Jane Bull - on a great offer price at the Book People still at the moment, I bought it with a discount and free postage so a great bargain. This book is fantastic - it goes through knitting, sewing, embroidery, basic weaving and other craft/fabric fun. It is clear in showing different steps, different sewing stitches, etc and has many projects and ideas.

A fantastic book for children interested in sewing and knitting, would highly recommend it. Imogen loves it and wants to make everything. So far she has made herself a little beanie bag toy inspired by this and has started sewing a little bunny now too - but it's not finished yet.

 Imogens sewing creations


  1. Imogen is very talented! What a lovely box and goodies inside Dawn, looks like it was put together really well :) xx

  2. Wow, I love Imogen's sewing, she obviously takes after her Mum for all things crafty. Yes, and my thoughts have been turning to sowing, it's 16 degrees here, and I'm stuck inside tidying up for visitors tonight :(

  3. aah love Imogen's sewing! Where did you get her sewing box from, that is adorable :-)

  4. Thankyou all, I think we'll have lots of sewn things soon!

    Hope you get out in the garden soone Claire, perfect sowing weather for the next few days!

    The sewing box came from Robert Dyas - the shop in our City closed down last year and it was a bargain I couldn't resist, mind you I was thinking of buying it for her anyway, just the savings meant I could spend more on the contents. I loved that it was similar in style to the Cath Kidston ones but no where near the expense!


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