Monday, 27 February 2012

Seven Days

I see Jacqui's posts on Seven Days and think it's a lovely way to reflect back on the last week. With the fog of illness now lifting, I'm doing more and taking more photos and on the blog more; so here are some snapshots from the last seven days here and a new header for Spring ...

 Alex spent time at Flatford Mill studying Mammals
famous mill of Constables Haywain, although altered in the painting

 we had adventures in the forest
Imogen did a bit of sewing

I've done some spinning

We planted a Medlar tree

discovered the Almond tree in blossom

found Frogspawn in the pond at the allotment

I washed and dried some fleece

Alex met some bats

and I did some knitting for charity

Was it supposed to be seven pictures, one for each day? Oops, well I couldn't decide so included some more.

Another lovely Spring week ahead, mild weather, lots to do. Wishing everyone a lovey week ahead.


  1. I love the seven days posts, your seven days look lovely and full of interesting things.

  2. Lovely photos Dawn, I always end up with more (or less) than 7 photos, oops, I don't think it matters :) The flowers on your almond tree are beautiful! xx

  3. Thanks for joining in Dawn - no rules / just make it your own. Love the pictures - especially constable country - I have lovely memories of a family visit there when we "borrowed" a boat for a short row on the water -lol.
    Great crafty things as usual and so much spring everywhere.

  4. Gorgeous pictures...looks like you had a fabulous week xx


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