Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crafts and Spring clean ...

Well not really a spring clean, but a little spring cleaning of the blog (alright I'll get back to decluttering the house too!). But I keep looking at the list of blogs I've clicked follow in the past and some don't exist anymore, others I just never read anymore but it takes a while to check them and then edit to stop following, but I'm trying to do it now. Don't worry, none of my favourite and regularly visited blogs will go - phew, glad I pointed that out quickly! Plus I've discovered lovely new (to me) blogs on fibre crafts, spinning and sheepy blogs that are a great read and inspirational too so something needed to change.

So onto crafts. This week I have been mostly working on my entry to the National Exhibition for the Association of WSD - a 6 inch ring displaying work using fibre or yarn of any craft.

Before I share some pictures of that though, and whilst I have your attention, I want to share with you a lovely blog and a very generous blog giveaway over here at My Handmade Haven. I have watched Shell's blog(s) grow over a few years, a lovely mama and crafter who has turned her love of crafting into an online business and she also now attends several craft fairs in her area. Do go and take a look at her shop, she makes and sells some lovely things, some personalised and takes commissions; and is now stocking craft supplies too including lovely 100% wool felt at a great price! If you haven't used 100% woolfelt before, well where have you been! It's wonderful stuff and the colours Shell is stocking are great, She is stocking other lovely things in the shop too.

Right, back to my exhibition ring. It's nearly finished - needs to be by Friday night as it's going to the Guild meeting on Saturday. Knitted and embroidered with tapestry wool on one side and then embroidered with some cotton embroidery threads too; needle felted on the other. I was going to combine wet and dry felting but in the end stuck to just the needles. So far it looks like this ...

Ah, but that's just the reverse! You'll have to wait to see the fronts! Although some of it is revealing itself in these pictures.

Back later in the week to share the full reveal. Also in this picture is my Inkle loom which has sat unused for long enough and will hopefully be in use this week. Nothing like a deadline on something to make you get something else out to start another project is there?
Or is that just me (*?!?!).
I will get the ring finished first, honest.

See you soon, now go and see Handmade Haven and enter the wonderful giveaway.

Oh and to Claire and Shell, ahem, a thousand apologies - the giveaway parcels will be in the post tomorrow (quietly sloping off, embarrassed by how long it has taken to get them in the post but I forgot to take them out a couple of times and then the Easter holidays, sorry no excuse really)


  1. oo you clever mama. Cant wait to see the front!

  2. You are a big tease! Can't wait to see your creation, I'm sure it will be stunning!

  3. Hope you have a nice last day of holidays and Imogen enjoys being back at school on Tuesday - can't believe they're in the last term of yr 1 already! Enjoy finishing your exhibition ring x

  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and for sharing my give-away, they are very much appreciated xxx

    And don't worry about the parcel, I know what it's like when life gets in the way ;o)


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