Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wet? ... for a little while

I'm still a little curious what that wet stuff was that fell from the sky yesterday? Anyone know what it was? It's a mystery, something not seen in these parts for ... I can't remember how long. Still wasn't enough though, but I see there is a lot in some parts of the country and even (shhhh) snow!

Anyway, it's welcome for the plants, although it means the weeds will grow a little more too.

I shall be blogging over on Spinspiration today with a little spinning, or something, not sure what really but hey if you like anything woolly, come and join us with some chat and sharing of skills for Woolly Wednesday.
 Blossoming Pear tree

I have just spent a chunk of the morning outside taking in the beauty of trees and plants growing and blossoming. More on those another day.
 Seedlings in need of attention

My other task for today was planting on some rather leggy seedlings from the windowsill - a downside to windowsill seed germination - but they are already looking healthier and happier in their cells and pots. I still have some more to do either later or tomorrow but lunch beckoned me inside for a while.
 Lots of seedlings planted on
Achocha seedlings planted on last week

I now have one of the windowsill trays completely empty though so more seeds to sow.

Imogen has been busy this morning with setting some mathematics challenges around patterns for me! I then made some up for her. She's also been writing a story/script for a film she is making (a little project she has going on - all her own thinking and planning!); and also several drawings, plus other playing. What a busy little bee she is.

She has really "bitten the maths bug" at the moment and is very good at thinking logically and solving challenges and puzzles - we printed some off the internet yesterday and did some from a book off the bookshelf and she was excellent at it. I think the interest stemmed from a recent challenge school set her to see if her maths was as good as they thought it was; and it was - the words astounding and amazing were passed onto me from the deputy head when I was helping out on the same day with an Easter Egg hunt in the school grounds. What a little star, she loves it and wants to learn more, and that's what's important.

Right, I really must get on with writing something for Woolly Wednesday, see you there if you fancy popping along.


  1. wow you are putting my growing to shame! so many seedlings! I cant wait to get started though.
    ps just drank my last bottle of elderflower champagne yesterday. it was delicious but not as alcoholic as i would have liked! well at all really but i am hopeful for this year!

  2. I'm doing better with seedlings this year.

    Glad you're enjoying the champagne, we found our second batch was not at all alcoholic either - very fizzy but not alcoholic, no idea why.

  3. Seedlings galore! Glad to hear Imogen is enjoying writing and maths, fabulous hobbies to have!

  4. Well done Imogen. Its wonderful that she's discovered the love of learning. Doubley good that the school has picked up on it.

    Wonderful to see all the seedlings. I keep gazing at ours and dreaming of harvesting! Weather is changeable here too. We even had a good dose of hail.

  5. We had snow here yesterday, it had all melted by last night though thank goodness. It's lovely and sunny today. You've got lots of things started already, I think I need to do some catching up. Great to hear that Imogen is enjoying maths. So many children find it daunting, but I think the answer is to make it fun. I think problem solving is a great way to get them interested.


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