Monday, 2 April 2012

Oops ...

Oops I have been a bad blogger haven't I!
I'm sorry. But I/we have been busy in my absence, I could tell you all about the Spring beauties popping out - the daisies, the celandine's, the fruit blossoms, Spring flowers, some early Summer ones too, the bluebells - yes the bluebells in March, what's that about. Mind you they were flowering early last year, and very few to be seen by May when they are traditionally in flower.

Celandines, Daisies and Bluebells photographed early March

I could tell you about the succession of seedlings, tomatoes, salads, leafy veg and much much more ... growing on windowsills, in the greenhouse, in the garden and at the allotment. Must take a photo of how the Medlar is growing so lovely too.

 Seedlings and tomato seedlings below - all moved on from these pictures taken early in March
more seedlings now in their places
 Broad Beans growing lovely (yes, and the weed seedlings - must Hoe!)
Planting shallots - knowing which way is up and which way is down

I could tell you about some spinning, some crafts for the National Guilds exhibition later in the year (hmmm I can see a post forming about that one soon) and fibre craft plans; working on other things for the Guild, the latest newsletter and more.

I wanted to share a picture of the fantastic turn out at the Guild meeting recently -disguised to protect identities (a lot of people to ask permission otherwise!) I like this effect, there were about 80 members here.

Lots of things going on, great days out, things at school too in preparation for Easter and the end of the half term, fun parties and wonderful weather.
 Alex playing with the Ukelele jam at a local theatres 1st birthday event
 At the wheel of the Oceanography centres research ship
 Ocean and Earth open day at the Oceanography centre - fun day for Alex and Imogen whilst I was at the Guild. Will be looking out for this event again next year.
 I'll just take her for a spin around the Solent!
Bowling for a friends birthday party

It's a little cooler this week but still quite hot today and plenty of sunshine. We really need some rain here in the South but it is nice having such dry days. Maybe we can arrange for it to only rain at night when we're sleeping, yes that works for me.

 Days in the garden, play,  picnics and story telling and writing
Always writing ...sometimes we tire ourselves out!

School holidays now, so probably will be out and about with Imogen enjoying the time together in the sunshine, will catch up here and there when I can.

Oh and the other thing I have to do tomorrow (hopefully, as I forgot to take them the other day) is take the parcels for the winners of my recent giveaway - sorry ladies - these will be on their way to you soon though.

Hope everyone is having fun, catch up with you soon!


  1. Wow, you have been busy :oD

    I love the picture of the guild too..fab effect.


  2. You've been excused your absence's obvious you've been busy lol! Wow! So much growing, I love this time of year. Looking forward to hearing of your Guild plans xx

  3. No wonder you've been absent from your blog, you've been so busy. Looks like you've had lots of fun things happening there. Great to see all the seedlings at the start of another busy growing year. Imogen is shooting up, turning in to quite the young lady.

  4. Wow you have been busy! I have seedling envy!


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