Monday, 7 January 2013

Knitting on ... sticking to a target

I finished the Garden View shawlette that I started recently, it was finished a few days ago now and is currently blocking now so I shall share a picture of it soon. It's quite a dull day here so it won't photograph well at the moment. Knitting in my handspun Autumn colours, I love how it has come out.

sneak peek at blocking the shawlette - better pictures soon!

Having finished this quick knit, there are lots of ideas in my head of what to knit next. My plan this year is to really whip through some of the stash of yarns and especially the handspun yarns - they are beautiful as skeins but they deserve to become something more than a skein.

So my problem is what to start next. Then there is also the how many projects to start next. I like to switch between things so have to have at least a couple of things on the go. But I do want to try and avoid knitting project start-itis!

So while I think about it some more I have challenged myself to not cast on anything new until I have completed a WIP from last year - do you remember my handspun jumper/tunic I started back in April 2012? Knitting with the zwartble x fleece I spun in 2011, this tunic saw many false starts in casting on but eventually got going. Then it got left to one side for other projects, or spinning.

Tunic/jumper in progress

I picked it up again a couple of days ago and declared it will be done before anything new. Keep me on track if I start talking about casting on something new, or if you see me browsing patterns on ravelry. I'm allowing myself time to spin too but this jumper is all I am going to knit until it is finished.

Back soon with pictures of the shawlette and hopefully the tunic jumper soon too.

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  1. Your work in progress looks lovely. I hope you can keep the momentum going long enough to finish it. And your shawl has turned out gorgeous. Can't wait to see in it action! Happy New Year!


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