Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Revealing ... finished shawlette

A finished item from handspun yarn.

Spun from the gorgeous Autumn colours fibre below in November 2012, this is superfine Merino roving from Colinette and is super super soft. I love Autumn and the colours you see so this I decided would be knitted into something for me.

roving and separated into lengths for spinning 

Autumn leaves yarn

After browsing patterns on ravelry I decided upon a shawlette called Garden View, a free pattern and very simple but very pretty. I then had to be patient as I was knitting socks for Christmas gifts, so the skeins sat to  one side for a while. But Christmas day afternoon it's time came and I cast on. Knitted on and off for a week and it was completed. The pattern has seven leaves in the design but I added an extra leaf to the middle to make it just a little longer as my yarn was slightly off the pattern WPI gauge (no of course I didn't knit a swatch!).

I have blocked it to give definition to the pattern and here she is ... my Burnt Autumn leaves Garden View shawlette. I shall wear it more like a scarf and it is perfect for that as it isn't too wide.

Blocked and showing the scarfs entire length
 outside in slightly better light 

View of the rear
 Shawlette/scarf ready to wear 

Something to wear to brighten up any dull Winter days.

Linking up this project with Linda for Creative Friday.

Okay, back to the tunic knitting ...


  1. It looks gorgeous and soft! Fun to see the before and after shots. Quick as well!

  2. Ooh, that is beautiful xxx

    1. Thank you x

      I can see me knitting this pattern again, took about 250m of handspun yarn


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