Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sharing our ...

Pictures from the last few days in which the South Coast was blanketed in snow, well at least this part of the South Coast was.

Coloured ice marbles also made an appearance in the garden and enchanted Imogen - "I want these to come every year when it snows, can they Mommy?". Well of course they can, although as the night they were left outside wasn't below freezing, Mommy had to requisition the help of the freezer!

 Falling to create a snow angel

And then colour returned to the garden ...

  My favourite - I think this looks like Earth!
Happy accident as one balloon burst before freezing so leaked into a bowl so when this one came out of the balloon it picked up some of the bits of green ice.

 Little hands around the world


  1. What a great idea... I want to make some, they are beautiful.x

  2. Love this idea. Well and truely below zero here for the next few days. I'll dig out the balloons. We could do with some colour too.


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