Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Simple pleasures

Imogen really loves talking about and drawing animals at the moment, often checking and asking how many legs, wings, etc, they have and if they have bones, etc.

Monday evening, Alex came home from work and was immediately asked about snakes whilst I was cooking tea. Imogen wanted to know if they had bones. Cue Alex getting some toilet roll inners to cut up and show how a snake moves and how it has vertebrae. Satisfied with that and checking she understood by asking me and her Daddy if she understood, she asked him if he could make a crocodile. How could Daddy refuse. Recycling the cardboard from the snake and with a bit of sticky tape ... a crocodile was created. And oh how she loved it. He has been named Snadgy.

He was played with all night until bedtime, and popped into the train set shed for the night. At bedtime Imogen shouted to Daddy "Thank you for Snadgy, Daddy". Being able to fulfil her requests and seeing what pleasure it brought her and that thank you just melts the heart.

Snadgy is still a firm friend and gets lots of play. He plays eating games with her other toys and is partial to a bit of wooden chicken. But the funniest moment had to be when he was offered a knitted Bee but got stung so spat the Bee out. Imogen laughed so much she fell all over the place uncontrollably. She tries to recreate this moment, but it's never as funny as that first time.

Snadgy joins in with book reading at bedtime and recently enjoyed reading Tyrannosaurus Drip (Julia Donaldson). I think Alex is enjoying playing with Snadgy almost as much as Imogen, he does a great voice for Snadgy in the games and was asking questions about the book.

It just goes to show you don't need expensive toys, when one made of a bit of cardboard and sticky tape can give so much pleasure.

And here is Snadgy ...

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