Monday, 7 September 2009

Busy and tired

Many things I would love to post about but busy with the allotment, the garden, the produce, preserving, crafting, crafting and more crafting!

It's Imogen's 4th birthday soon and I am busy making some things for that, and in between I am knitting things for Christmas (getting ahead), so will update soon on those things in progress and when finished. Also busy crafting for the season swap on the Green Parent forum and enjoying that too.

On top of that I am working on the newsletter for the Spinning Guild, my first issue so I want to get it right.

Today, Imogen had her first morning at a "pre-school" which she was excited about going to, a nice little place with lots of playtime and fun things to do. She had a great time, only doing two sessions a week. I took the opportunity to look around a few charity shops and found some great bargains.

Will be back soon I hope to update on the things we have been busy doing.

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