Friday, 11 September 2009

Crafty times and scrapstores

I have been busy with various craft projects over the last couple of weeks, some of which I can show you in progress, others need to remain a mystery as they are for a craft swap or are just not completed yet.

Firstly I have almost finished the GP forum craft swap and that will be in the post after the weekend. I have also been knitting for a Christmas project, more on that another day though.

Most of my time has been spent making a play canopy for Imogen for her upcoming 4th birthday, where did that time go! I'm having to do this of an evening once she has gone to bed and then pack it away again before the morning so she doesn't see it. We have always admired these but they cost so much. So one day I was sat thinking about one of those over bed nets (like mosquito nets) hanging from a large ring that we have in a cupboard not being used and with various fabrics around the house, I came up with the idea to make my own. So I am, and here's the progress ...
play canopy in progress

play canopy and other fabrics that may
be used in bits and bobs

I'm also making some other bits and bobs for her birthday using some other fabric, ribbons, felt etc. Will update as things get completed.

play silks

Once all these are completed I shall be working on some more making things for Christmas. I have lots of ideas of what to do, and I hope I get the time to do them. I also want to get back to doing more spinning I haven't done any for a while as my time has been spent on the above things with deadlines to meet - i.e. the swap for Autumn equinox, and a little girls birthday.

Another thing I have finally got around to doing this week is going to the local scrapstore. I have been wanting to go for a mooch for a long time but just never got around to it. But this week I did and what a great find, I picked up lots of things for Imogen to use for crafts - card, large roll of coloured cellophane (probably a sweet wrapping roll), coloured sticky back plastic and bits of foam, etc; and things for me including some lovely leather swatches and pieces - not sure what to do with them but I thought they'd be good for something. They also had lots of fabrics - either oddments, large pieces of rolls that you could cut a metre or more of. I picked up a couple of bits. I also picked up some pots (from Lush) that I can use for any homemade creams or potions. And all for £1 a bag. Bargain. I will be returning for more supplies when I need them. I thoroughly recommend a visit to your local scrapstore - check here for one near you. They also have a shop so I picked up a couple of supplies there too. Here's my stash from this visit.

Lots of leather pieces for crafts

sticky back plastic, card and cellophane roll

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