Thursday, 17 September 2009

Marbling fun

gathering supplies

We have been having fun with marbling inks, creating different patterns.

stirring the inks


excitement at results

drying in the sunshine

our collection of marbled cards

Some of the card was then used for Nanny's and Granny's birthday cards as it was both of their birthdays this week, the rest is being kept for future craft days and maybe some will be cut up for gift tags.
Imogen made the cards all herself (except some writing from Daddy), deciding what to draw or stick with wool and writing her own name on the inside. Here are some pictures of our marbling fun and the cards Imogen made.
making Nanny's card

making Granny's card

Nanny's card is a little chick
(like a knitted one I made for Imogen for Easter
amongst flowers, with the sun and a cloud in the sky)

Granny's card is the crooked man and his crooked house
with a crooked tree and the Sun

Marbling is great fun, we will have to think of other things to do - some eggs for Easter time, and have a think of something perhaps for Christmas.

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