Sunday, 22 August 2010

1st trip to the cinema ... and in 3D too

We've never taken Imogen to the cinema before, but with Toy Story 3 out this Summer we thought it would be a great opportunity. Imogen loves Toy Story 1 & 2, and has been talking about the 3td one being at the cinema.

I wasn't sure about taking her for a while - kept changing my mind, I wasn't sure if it would just be too loud (she's sometimes sensitive to a lot of noise). We decided to definitely do it, and with Alex still on holiday from work for a few days we went on Monday. Of course if you're going to see it, you've gotta go 3D!

It's been years since we've been to the cinema (at least 5) so this was a real treat (and I can't believe how expensive it is too!), Alex and I were really impressed with the 3D side of it and finally that Sony 3D tv advert seen plenty during the World Cup made more sense and really made 3D tv look cool! I love the piece of music it's set to too, La Fille mal Gardee, Clog Dance ... by Ferdinand Hérold in case you're interested.

Anyway I digress, the film did not disappoint. We all thought it was fantastic. Imogen thought it was a bit loud to start with but soon got used to it as I said to her she would. She sat, rarely moved, 3D glasses on enjoying the film, laughing, a little cry towards the end (nothing much though) and only talked to us a little throughout which we thought she may do a lot. We saw an advert for another film we may go back later in the year to see - Despicable Me - lots of laughs, and Alex and I are planning to go and see the re-showing of Avatar in 3D later this month.

We had the place almost to ourselves - just one other child and their mom, mind you it was the 9am showing! We went so early hoping to avoid crowds and because we had plans to meet up with some old friends in the New Forest later that day.

I always used to enjoy the short films they often show before the main picture at the cinema and the one we saw Monday was really good. It was Day and Night and was really good - the Wikipedia entry describes it really well, a short clip can be seen here.

Great film, great company, can't wait for it to be out on DVD ... although not in 3D. Recommended viewing, and the short film too!


  1. We love the cinema too, although I'm the only one whose not seen Toy Story 3. Avatar is fabulous (although not seen it in 3D)


  2. We went to see Toy Story a couple of weeks ago. Decided to go to the 2D version as our middle daughter hated the glasses when we saw Bolt. We all loved the Day and Night cartoon as well. Very clever.


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