Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Local days out - maritime museum

So we are looking to do days out that we probably wouldn't normally do, visiting local museums, etc. Alex and I moved to Hampshire many years ago and visited these museums on occasions, and sometimes when family visited us, and we took Imogen to some when she was smaller, so we're revisiting some of them again now she is a little older.

Maritime Museum

So last week Imogen and I caught the bus and went to the Southampton Maritime museum. Nothing spectacular, which is a shame considering it's maritime history, but still okay for a visit. A Titanic museum is in the planning for the 100th anniversary of that fateful journey so hopefully that will be good.

Wool House plaque

So here is the museum, down on the waterfront, occupying a building called the Wool House that was the place where wool was stored before being exported. It became the maritime museum in 1966. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside (why, I know not) but it has models of boats including the Titanic, the Queen Mary and many more. There are artifacts and information on how ships have changed over time, including a model of a paddle steamer, diving equipment, and more. There is also a model of Southampton water, the town, the castle walls and the docks.

On of it's major displays is of the Titanic, with models and lots of memorabilia from it, a film is played on a loop of the building of the ship, the launch, the news of the disaster, the families waiting back home and memories of those affected by it.

Imogen had a lovely day, and was eager to tell Daddy the news later about the ship that was going to New York but it never got there because it sank. I guess it was news to her that day, even if it did happen 98 years ago!
Bargate built in 1180 - part of the fortified city walls

We walked around the town for a while after, and had lunch and Imogen was very interested in the castle walls, and gateways, she is very interested in castles at the moment so I am looking around to other ones we can visit that will fulfil what she wants to see. We've visited some in the past, so will be looking at some others too.

Other local days out posts to follow throughout August.

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