Sunday, 22 August 2010

A balmy afternoon in the New Forest

Afternoon in the New Forest

Unexpectedly, especially after a rain shower overnight and early morning, last Monday afternoon turned out to be very hot and sunny as we spent the afternoon meeting up with old friends in the New Forest. They were on holiday, touring around in a caravan visiting friends and family en route.

Watching the Deer

It was lovely to catch up especially for Alex who they knew well (I only ever met them once a long time ago and can't really remember). We met up at the Deer Sanctuary at Bolderwood where they have a fantastic viewing platform set up by a feeding area and they regularly feed the deer throughout the Summer.

You get to be so close to the Deer

We got to see lots of Deer, and then took a relaxing walk around some of the forest before retreating to the picnic area for a New Forest Ice Cream - Imogens favourite! (as she regularly points out to everyone!).

Imogen discovering a Badger skull

Family photo by the fallen tree root

forest wandering

and time for a little tree climbing

We then travelled the short distance to their campsite for coffee and a slice of fruit pie I had made on Sunday to take for them with the fruit we entered into the allotment show. Lots of chatting about life, talking gardening, permaculture, transition towns, etc, etc whilst Imogen played with their 3 (older) girls. They were all a bit shy and quiet but Imogen got them playing chase and hide & seek, and even had their Dad playing swingball with her. She didn't want to leave when it was time to go home for tea, and yawned all the way home, singing in the car.

Perfect end to another lovely day.

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