Saturday, 14 August 2010

Busy, busy days ...

"It is not enough to be busy ...
The question is: What are we busy about?"

- Henry David Thoreau

Well around here things have been busy. Preparing and completing projects for our local allotment and gardening show taking place this afternoon (pictures another day). Taking time to think of family, especially one who has had a very rough time recently but hopefully now having come through the worst of it, will return to full health and strength, in his own words "an Annus horribilis".

Busy having the most wonderful day out in London (again another post), long day but just wonderful with my two favourite people, my husband and my daughter.

Busy planning more days out in the coming week - a first trip to the cinema for Imogen, meeting up with old friends, going to the opening day of our Guilds 60th anniversary exhibition in Winchester Great Hall followed on Wednesday by another wonderful afternoon weaving with the children.

Busy indeed. Back soon to share some words and pictures of these wonderful times.

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