Wednesday, 18 August 2010

... Natural History Museum ... and onwards ...

So a couple of tube journeys which Imogen loved (first time on the Tube) and we arrived at the Natural History museum, ate our picnic lunch, Imogen had an ice cream whilst Alex and I refreshed ourselves with a coffee before entering the Natural History museum.

Another fantastic museum, so well laid out so you can really see and feel the exhibitions. Big wow factor as we entered and rose up the stairs to see the elevator going up and through a model of the Earth into the Earth zone (red zone). Lost of rocks on display, and with a love and past study of geology myself, I was in my element.

up to the Earth zone

Our main aim at the museum for today's visit was to visit the dinosaurs and mammal displays so we headed there next, and shall return another day to further explore the Earth zone. We went through into the Green zone where we saw the birds displays, the hummingbird collection disturbed me although I did feel the need to take a photo. The museum has so many collections like this but is very clear in informing you that it's not an area they encourage or partake of these days. Some fantastic displays.

fossil of jaw/teeth of an ancient Elephant

Onwards we entered into fossil displays which had Imogen's jaw dropping - exactly the reaction
we had hoped to see. She was fascinated. We went through the creepy crawlies section which she enjoyed, and then skipped some other areas (again for another visit) and went towards the Blue zone - the dinosaurs and mammals in particular.

Main hall to the dinosaur exhibition
we loved the shadows created
lots of dinosaurs!

More jaw dropping moments as we saw dinosaur skeletons, models and the highlight for Imogen was the animatronic dinosaur - she loved it! She thought the smaller animated dinosaur displays were "cute" too.

The big moving dinosaur she loved
and the cute one!

feeling the exhibits

We went through the mammals and Imogen roared at the lion and faced up to the brown bear. It made other visitors smile at her enthusiasm. That's my girl! She really knows her animals so had a great time spotting and naming them all, and talking about their habitats and diet, etc.

Roaring at the Lion

Growling at the Bear

Into the Whale exhibition, and another wow for the size of the blue whale model, and the skeletons. A narwhals tusk was also a highlight (Daddy likes the narwhal). So many animals to see, great displays, almost overwhelming at times to take it all in even for the adults.

Blue Whale hall

Narwhal tusk

time for another pose?
and a little rest!

A visit to the shop for some souvenir ... yes, dinosaurs - courtesy of Nanny and Grandad, and some postcards. A little rain on the way out, but always time to bust another pose!

Leaving the Natural History Museum

Off for tea locally in Kensington before planning the next travel by Tube. Energy levels were still pretty good, so we went ahead with our plans to get the tube to Green Park, and walk to Buckingham Palace and then onto Westminster and Parliament Square. But that's another post. So much to catch up on.

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  1. What a great time you had. Imogen looks so excited by it all - no wonder.
    Thanks for your comment at mine - peaty water is such a wonderful colour - good for the malt whisky too, if you like that. xx


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