Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Are you a spinner? ... meet Spinspiration

You know me, passionate about wool, especially raw local British wool. There is nothing like taking a raw fleece from a farmer, skirting, scouring, picking and sorting it ready to card and spin. Through this passion I have met some lovely people in the blog world who also spin, you know who you are! Some from the last couple of years and some from the last couple of months or weeks even. Yes I mean you.

Well a while ago my blog friend Kelly who blogs at freeflowing ways made a suggestion about us starting a Woolly Wednesday regular post to inspire and share what we have been doing that's woolly. Here we are now to announce the start of this on a new blog we are both contributing to and we really hope you will join in too by linking to our Woolly Wednesdays on Spinspiration.

Spinspiration ~  
Become part of the circle sharing inspiration for spinning 
and other fibre crafting. It is a warm and reassuring place, 
sort of like a favourite chair near a cosy fireside, 
where beginners and experts come and go as they please. 
It's a place to share what we know, learn from each other 
and display what we've created -- while supporting and inspiring 
each other on the wonderful journey associated with 
handspinning and wool-related crafts.

We hope you will like what you see and join us there, grab a virtual cup of coffee or tea, a slice of virtual cake and share with us what you have been doing. It doesn't matter how much you have done, come along and be inspired or inspire others. Maybe you would like to be introduced to the craft of spinning, or know someone else who is ... well here you will find the support and encouragement.

We hope the blog will be a source of information too, we have already added details of books we can personally recommend, websites for sourcing fibres and equipment, websites for advice, tutorials & information; and events around the UK. More will follow, and if you have any suggestions please let us know.

See you at Spinspiration soon.
Dawn x

The spinning wheel that started it all for me


  1. We are enjoying ourselves there, Dawn! It is a privilege to be working on Spinspiration with you.

  2. I love it Dawn, what a great idea! I've already made a note of a festival on your events page that's at Bicton, just up the road from me! xxx

  3. Love the idea of a dedicated site. I've been over and already picked up a tip or two.

    I've promised myself that I'll set my spinning wheel up today. It is identical to the one you have pictured.

    Oh, and Woolly Wednesday sounds good.

  4. Kelly, that's so lovely, it's a pleasure working with you too.

    Devonmama - welcome, hoped you'd pop along as you've recently got a wheel. Fibrefest is supposed to be good, our guild often arranges a group day out so may pop along myself this year, missed it last year.

    Cheryl - lovely to see you too, glad it's helped already.

    Lovely to have you joining us. Dawn x

  5. Sounds like a great idea. I'm sure it will be very successful and inspire many.


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