Tuesday, 8 February 2011

It's more than beginning to feel like Spring

It's almost here - It's safe to say,
I saw a Crocus yesterday
Its' colors bright - A lovely thing
My heart Rejoiced! 'Twil soon be Spring!

Sunshine, snowdrops, crocuses are out and the daffodils are just about exploding with colour. The air is filled with wonderful birdsong, and we are spotting more and more each week.

This last week there has been an eruption of daisies everywhere we look, loads of them. It reminded me of one of the proverb "Spring has come when you can put your foot on three daisies" and another that says "When you can place your foot on 7 Daisies at once, then summer has come". Well it's definitely not Summer (although I could put my foot on 7 today), but Spring is here. Just hoping there isn't a sudden return to Winter weather that February can often bring, like it did last year.

So here's a little Spring song to go with the lovely bright sunshine we have today

Buttercups and daisies,
Oh, the pretty flowers;
Coming ‘ere the springtime,
To tell of sunny hours.
While the trees are leafless,
While the fields are bare
Buttercups and daisies
Spring up here and there. 
~ Mary Howitt

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  1. Spring is definitely on it's way. It's lovely to see all the bulbs blooming away and big fat buds waiting to explode.


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