Monday, 28 February 2011

Sunshine and Spring sights

Ooh can you feel it? The warmer days, the brighter sunshine, yes Spring is really here now.

This wee little lamb was born on 14th February and they named him Valentine. Valentine's mother is a Dorset Horn, his father a Hampshire Down hence the black patches on his legs and head.


The last of the snowdrops still nodding their heads in the sunshine.
beautiful Snowdrops

The beautiful crocuses and abundant daisies

Bright and fragrant Daffodils.

Imogen enjoying the daffodils

The community garden and transitions group Apple Day went well, including the planting of an apple tree demonstration not halted by a hailstorm!

Planting the apple tree
and playing in the garden

We made mini apple crumble pies with crumble and oats topping and they went down very well at the event, we must make more, yum yum.

Mini apple crumble pies

Sunday we planned to get some things done at the allotment and then in the garden, but didn't really check on the weather forecast. It started raining as Imogen and I joined Alex at the allotment and got heavier until we decided to abandon and go home. It continued to rain as we had lunch so instead we decided to clear the annex to the house (much needed) and it was the right choice as another hailstorm pounded the roof.

Rain stopped play at the allotment 

Green Manure thriving on the plot


  1. Love the pictue of Imogen with the daffodil xx

  2. It is so wonderful to be spotting signs of spring. I noticed my ornamental quince is budding up today. Your mini apple pies look yummy. Hmmm. Maybe some baking is in order tomorrow.

  3. Yes, that picture of Imogen is so beautiful. And the snowdrop one. Hopefully, a warmer, brighter week ahead so you can get gardening. Sweet little valentine!

  4. I love that photo too, beautiful! Those apple pies look lovely too xx

  5. I'm noticing the lighter evenings now, it won't be long before the clocks go forward. No allotment gardening here at the weekend either.

  6. a lovely Photo of Imogen xx and snowdrops how I love them xx


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