Monday, 7 February 2011

Chinese New Year festivities

 Dragon Dance

We had a lovely day yesterday at the Chinese New Year festival in the City, once the dignitaries stopped talking that is! Wouldn't mind so much if it was about Chinese New Year, some was, but then there was a speech about how great China is and it's economy, etc.

Lions with dragon in the background

We saw the lions have their eyes painted on by the mayor before the dancing of the lions and the dragon started. Lots of lovely colour, the winds around made the costumes flow wonderfully and the firecrackers were great too - Imogen loved them going off.

There was also some dancing of different groups - young girls, ladies, some music (although not so good) and martial arts displays.
Girls dance, being blown away by some of the winds

 they did well hanging onto these umbrellas with much laughter
 Ladies dancing, costumes were lovely with the wind blowing

On arrival we immediately bumped into one of Imogen's friends, and within a minute some others were walking towards us so we stood together which was lovely for them to share together. We saw many other friends then either around the square or on the dragon parade through the town.

 Parade through the city
Watching the parade

Lovely time, look forward to this again next year.
Here's a little video we did too (we took some more video on the digicam but the file is too big to upload I think).


  1. Great fun, Dawn! Lovely pictures. We love going to Chinese New Year celebrations. One year we went to London. That was a mistake! Too many people and long, long, long numerous speeches! Imogen must have had a great time.

  2. It looks a fun and colourful event. I'm sure Imogen will have enjoyed it.


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