Friday, 11 February 2011

Spinning Inspiration from the blog world

Thank you all for your wonderful comments in my last blog post - I'm glad that it was useful to those new to spinning. It's a beautiful craft and I love it, so to share that with you all is just wonderful.

Following on from that and the websites I recommended, it occurred to me that I should share a blog that some of you may already know but to those who don't - this is a lovely blog I have followed for a long time.

Farmana - a blog written by Sara "farmer, farmers wife, crafter, and mama to four little ones that unschool. Here I share with folks our life adventures on our ever evolving small sustainable farmstead. We raise organic vegetables, CVM sheep, Nigerian Dwarf goats, laying hens, honey bees and some fruits, flowers and herbs." (from her blog).

Sara spins wool, the lovely wool from her animals on her farm, previous years I have read how they have sent the wool for processing after shearing time, but this year she has done more of the processing herself. She has written a few blog posts over the last week or so about the scouring, processing and spinning of the wool into yarn.

A tale of wool scouring
Picking and carding
Batt to yarn

Well written and great information, please go over and have a look. Have a look around her blog too for other inspiration. A truly lovely blog, one I look forward to reading when I see a new post.


  1. I love reading Farmama too Dawn, such great tips and inspiration! x

  2. Ahh, one of my very favourites! I love Sara's blog very much.


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