Monday, 19 September 2011

Project 6th birthday

what's in the bag?

Countdown to a little girls 6th birthday and I have a few things to do. A birthday crown to create, and a felt birthday badge too. The main project is to restore, renovate, refurbish (enough r's?) a charity shop bargain plywood castle that slots together and is beautiful (that's what's in the bag).

I say bargain, it was actually put aside for me by a lovely lady in the local charity shop to see if I wanted it for Imogen and they would only accept a small donation for it. The reason was that a few pieces had been drawn on with felt pens so it was a bit messy. Nothing a coat of paint couldn't cover up though. I have built it to see what it looks like and it's so nice, Imogen is going to love it, she's really into castles and with her imagination who knows what stories will unfold in there. No doubt her farm animals will inhabit it too!

painting the castle

So it is having a coat of grey paint, a new lease of life. It's about 75cm square when built and I've picked up some castle figures to go with it and have plans to create some other characters for her and perhaps some with her which I think will be a nice thing for us to do together.

Also been adding in some other crafty goodness. I have knitted a rainbow play crown and plan to make some more as they are a fun project, making a new ribbon wand although on a wooden loop rather than a stick (and this has inspired a new project for Christmas too - more on that another time!), and some wet felted beads are being produced  - whether I pop these together as a necklace or something else I haven't decided yet. I think that's it. There was a request for a knitted animal the other day (not necessarily for her birthday) which I have started - not sure it will be ready for her birthday though but it is an aim. The crown and badge take priority though.
crown in progress
badge in progress - 
wet felted colour wheel and needle felted detail and tidying
felt beads and badge

Hoping to get back into blogging a bit more regularly, it's gone by the wayside a little with the Summer, birthday preparations and ... well, just life.

back soon x


  1. Love your new banner! Love the badge. Might have to try and make one for Max. He'll be 6 mext month.


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