Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Slow down ... catch up quick... and being 6!

 The birthday muffins

Well since my last post, I have sat and drafted another and it was awaiting some photos to add and then the time just disappeared. It was a post about getting ready for Imogens birthday, the preparations, the making, the decorating the house, the baking of cakes ...

 Bunting and balloons decorated the house once more

And now we are already the other side of her birthday so how about a quick catch up instead of getting things ready, her 6th birthday, and a birthday trip to Marwell Zoo instead.

So here goes ...
 Personalised bunting
 Felt birthday crown and badge

The crown and badge all finished and awaiting the birthday girl, the handmade bunting hanging up and a new knitted triangle with 6 on it. 6, how did that happen?

 Castle painted and built 
(the size shocked Daddy a little who hadn't seen it, Imogen can fit inside!)
Gifts covered and wrapped

The castle all finished and built, and hidden under fabric with other gifts around too. I got these ready whilst she was at school.

Imogen was awoken to star lights in her room as I managed to plug in her star lights rug before she stirred, she thought it was magic. Birthday cards opened she headed to school where they had celebrated her birthday the day before at the weekly celebration assembly which she loved. She was greeted to hugs and wishes of happy birthday from friends and had a lovely day at school.

 Excited to return home from school in her crown
(her teachers loved it)
 A knights outfit, well you have to if you have a castle right?
blowing out the candles

Home to opening her presents, all received lovingly and with such lovely appreciation, what more could one wish for. She loves her castle and has been a knight often. Homemade pizza for tea by request and muffins for the birthday cake.

The next day was off to the Zoo for her birthday, and what a great day it was. It started off a little cloudy but soon brightened up to a hot sunny day and all the animals were wonderful to see. Here's just a few images from our trip.
 Meerkat standing guard
 Chapman's Zebra, such beautiful markings
 Friendly camels?
 One of our favourite animals - the shy Okapi
(pronounced Oh-kah-pee)
 Prowling Leopard
 Marwell's baby Flamingo
 Sleepy Mama Snow Leopard, mama to triplets born in June
 Underwater penguins

Taking a break after a long day!

We have had a wonderful few days, celebrating our daughter who brings love and happiness to us in so many ways, every single day. Happy 6th birthday Imogen, it's been fantastic travelling these 6 years around the Sun with you, can't wait to see what joys and wonders await us in the year ahead.


  1. That looks like a lovely birthday, and I love the look of happiness on her face.

    Time does go so quick though doesn't it! I think it seems to speed up when they get to school.

  2. aahhh happy birthday to Imogen, looks like a wonderful time was had by all. xxx

  3. Lovely pictures as always, can't believe she's 6 already where is the timing going? So pleased she had a nice birthday, Meg is constantly asking about being 6 (not till march! so loads more asking to come) :-)

  4. A lovely post...happy birthday to Imogen xxx

  5. I love love love her birthday crown, beautiful work mama! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Imogen. How happy she looks! What a wonderful celebration.


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