Monday, 12 September 2011

Romsey show fun and spinning

On Saturday I spent the day at the Romsey show, joining friends from the Guild of WSD spinning all day. We demonstrate our skills and crafts and invite members of the public to try things out, and many become interested in joining the Guild or taking up the crafts. It was a good day minus the heavy rainstorm midday - thank goodness for being in the marquee!

On arrival I saw these lovely carvings made by a chainsaw carving artist, beautiful.

Chainsaw carved chain!
I loved the detail on the flowers and the bird

Then before reaching the marquee I was to be spinning, I found this lovely basket stall - this is only a fraction of what they were selling, and at such fantastic prices too. Yes, a little one came home with me - seen here from my walnut foraging.

lovely baskets
Part of our display of natural dyeing
Me spinning Icelandic grey on my Louet

Obviously being an agricultural show there were many animals being shown, lots of sheep and alpaca to see and covet the wool for (no I didn't get any samples!).

Prize winning Jacob, love those horns
such sweet alpaca

There were other animals too - cattle, feathered animals and many horses on show, pulling carts and being ridden; plus many more.

There are many other areas of the show - everything from heavy machinery to steam engines, to craft stalls, shops and a lovely area next to our marquee where a man was hand carving a rocking horse which was beautiful (why I didn't take a photo I don't know). Also next to him was a chicken wire artist with many items including these chickens, badgers and a witch.

chickens and badgers made of chicken wire
Witch on a broomstick

I had a lovely day and hope to join them again next year. I sat with a friend from the Guild who I get on with very well - we often sit together at meetings and have a good laugh - we had a great time, and went for a walk around the show together for our lunch break.


  1. I love agricultural shows. Great crafts!

  2. Wow, those wire sculptures are fact all of those piccies are gorgeous!

  3. Hi Dawn
    Just spent some time catching up on your last couple of posts, each of them so heartening to read. Lovely to see a pic of you spinning too. Best wishes

  4. What a lovely show. I love all the baskets. You can never have too many!


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