Sunday, 27 November 2011

Almost Four-One

Title idea shamelessly stolen from Jacqui who celebrated her 51st birthday last week, as I approach my 41st birthday tomorrow.

one of my favourite pictures of me and Imogen (a few years ago)

Today being a Sunday and having a little more family time than tomorrow with Imogen at school and Alex out in the evening practicing with the Ukulele jam, we had me birthday a little early.

I had a nice lie in this morning as the others planned and plotted for my birthday. A late breakfast and a relaxing morning, Imogen and I then got on with some baking. Our favourite Butternut Squash muffins were up first - made by Imogen who followed the recipe to get the amounts right and used the mixer to mix the ingredients, I just did the hot oven bit ... and as usual they were absolutely gorgeous, a tried and tested recipe ... perfect.

After lunch we put on dough for homemade pizza - another favourite in this house, and yes it was lovely too. We then went on to make some gluten free Chocolate Brownies using mashed potato instead of flour. They have come out lovely too, very rich.

So we had our tea and then my evening was just made most magical by my lovely daughter and husband. Imogen was playing on her keyboard for a while and then told me she was going to play something for me. She then started to play Happy Birthday which just made me smile so much and really warmed this mama's heart. This was followed with lovely handmade birthday cards and a gift from Imogen - a poem written by her to me, a lovely poem and so beautifully written too, maybe I'll share it another day if I scan it.

Today was a lovely day, what more could I wish for, lovely handmade goodness in food, cards, gifts and lots of love from my lovely family.

Tomorrow is my 41st birthday and I shall be taking some of the cakes with me to our school coffee morning which I go to most Mondays with a few friends.

my lovely family

Life is good.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Happy Birthday for tomorrow.xx

  2. Wishing you a happy birthday for tomorrow, and many blessings for this coming year. Sounds as if you had a beautiful day today, what a perfect way to get into the birthday spirit. xx

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love that last one of you all. Looking good yourself Dawn - sounds like a perfect day. xx

  4. A very happy birthday to you. Yesterday sounded just perfect, and what a lovely picture of you all xxx

  5. What a gorgeous photo Dawn! Sounds like you had a really special time. Happy, happy birthday to you xxx

  6. Happy Birthday. And I agree, life is good!

  7. Glad you had a wonderful time x x x


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