Sunday, 6 November 2011

Up with a bang!

 Bonfire night 2011

Busy here, and if not busy I'm tired at the moment. Life is good, I have been a bit more creative this week, lots of felting going on and other ideas going through my head for felting projects including some items for my Etsy shop which I have updated recently. I have decided to list some things as "made to order" to gauge interest in the items.

So last night being bonfire night, we headed to Winchester again for their fabulously atmospheric flame torch light parade through the town to the leisure centre fields for a proper traditional bonfire and spectacular fireworks. How wonderful it is to see the place lit up by these flame torches, keeps you warm too!

 crowds ready for the torchlight parade
 torch waving fun
 Imogen carrying the flame torch
top of the town

The parade is lovely. Imogen carried the torch at times and held her own dynamo powered torch too - I love how photos come out when she is waving it around.

 Sparkler writing in the air

Of course she loved her sparklers again this year, writing her name in the air.

enjoyed the big displays, fireworks shooting everywhere

We popped to see the statue of King Alfred on the way home, someone we've been reading about in a library book this week.
 Just about see King Alfred
out with a big bang!

How was your bonfire night?


  1. Lovely pictures - looks like you all had a lovey time x

  2. We didn't do anything. Trying to find easy access firework displays for my FIL was difficult, so we stayed home and watched everyone elses. Gimli wasn't that impressed either. Sophie rather likes fireworks this year (has hated them up til now) so I might see if we can get some sparklers. But that will be it!

    I love that lantern parade, looks really spectacular.

  3. looks amazing!! i used to love going to a massive bonfire and seeing guy on the top. you just dont see those things anymore!
    we went to a fireworks display. almost all of us loved it. dd2 was a lottle scared of the noise in the end.


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