Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Felting fun and updates

I have been felting a lot lately and have updated my etsy shop with some Christmas/Yule themed items, and also an Autumn one which may be a little late this year but we'll see.

Also working on some other figures both for ourselves and for the shop, and ideas of other items other than figures whirling around in my head.
Works in progress

On Sunday I needle-felted a poppy for remembrance day - I donate but don't pick up the plastic ones, preferring to wear one that can be re-used over and over. I knitted and felted some last year and intended to make more this year but it hasn't happened, and I couldn't find one so made myself a new one this year. Imogen decided she wanted to make one too so she wet felted the red for the poppy, shaped it with my help and then needle felted the black in the middle ... very carefully!
 My felted poppy above
and Imogens felted poppy below

So that's what I've been up to, happily stabbing away at the wool, and yes I miss sometimes as my poor fingers can confirm!


  1. Would it be bad of me to say that I prefer the second poppy? You're going to have an in demand fibre artist before much longer :)

  2. Your felting is so lovely Dawn, the figures are really magical. Love that tiny pumpkin the lady is holding! The poppies are such a good idea too, I don't like the idea of all the waste of the paper and plastic poppies, although of course the cause is so worthy, it's so good of you to think of an alternative! xx

  3. Thank you x

    No Becks, I prefer Imogens too! ;-)
    I started out with an idea for mine and then didn't like the way it was going so ended up adding more fibre so actually it's too thick I think.

  4. Love your poppy XXX
    (Think you have also been missing from my blog updates! Naughty blogger!)


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