Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Busy times

Aren't we always busy?
Since my last post I've sold another couple of felted items and swapped one with an etsy seller form some of her lovely craft-work - will have to share a photo another day, have popped them away for now as they are for Christmas - display rather than presents so we'll see them before Christmas.

Other items in the pipeline, for now I have made a St Lucia felted figure - for the Festival of Lights or St Lucia Day on 13th December, the start of advent - she's popped over to the etsy store today.

 St Lucia (different backgrounds to show the colours)

This week I am busy sewing up those weaving squares for the Guild challenge, more on that and a picture to reveal it soon ...


  1. Beautiful! That little Lucia needs to come and live with us.

  2. Hello Kelly, just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment ... and then I go to etsy to see you have bought her (thank you x).
    She will travel on her way tomorrow as I am going to the post office with another order, she will love to live with you and your family x

  3. Dawn,
    We celebrate Santa Lucia day and when I showed my boys your doll they loved her. We are happy she will soon be living with us! I must say that your King Winter is really striking too. Well done. Really beautiful creations!

  4. My little lady you made me is back on the side for her autumn/winter setting :-) I still love her to bits :-)

  5. Thank you SS - I was just looking through some pictures of items I've made and saw the little fairy girl and thought of you, how's that for a coincidence x


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