Saturday, 4 April 2009

Another productive weekend ...

Well with the beautiful sunshine what better than to get out into the garden to sow more seeds for raising in the greenhouse. Whilst Alex was weeding and mowing the lawn, Imogen and I spent the time sowing seeds and later I gave the lavender plants their final pruning to help retain their shape.

So there were plenty of seeds to sow today and Imogen was keen to do them, although not so keen on the tiny seed that kept running out of her hands, so Mommy helped with those ones.

The result is that the greenhouse is filling up with lots of seed trays and pots (at least I have a few!). Today we sowed :
In the greenhouse:
More tomatoes (see previous post, although only a couple of these varieties)
More Chili seeds
Yin Yan kidney beans
Fristina lettuce
Oakleaf lettuce
Oriental Saladini leaves
Red Orach
Marketmore Cucumber
Nero di Toscano Courgette (oh I wrote the wrong name on the label)
Neckar Queen climbing french beans
Borlotta di Lingua Fuoco climbing bean
Runner beans (forgotten the variety - collected seed)
Beetroot Chiogga and Sunset mixed
Cabbage - January King
Cabbage - Marner Lagerott
Borecole - Red Russian
Broccoli - 9 star perennial

Radish, beetroot and spinach were also sown outside. I think that was all of them.

I like to succession grow to guarantee picking over a longer period of time so the seeds sowing will continue for a while. So a little water and cover and into the lovely warm greenhouse (34 degrees) they went.

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  1. fantastic! known what you mean about succesion growing , made the mistake last year of doing them all at once , although relatives were very happy to receive our excess !!


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