Sunday, 5 April 2009

Another trip to the allotment

So Sunday brought another lovely sunny day which was great as there was work to do at the allotment. Alex went off early to get some manure to dig in and came home to cut some more wood for some new beds being placed today. We met him up there later. We passed Doug, an allotment neighbour on the way and admired his plot that always looks fantastic. He spends a lot of time up there and has a half plot above us and a half plot to the side of us. He was planting cabbages although he explained he doesn't like them, but just likes to grow something everywhere.

We found Daddy who was building the frames for the new beds. Imogen set to sitting on the big pot and transferring soil from one pot to another. Or looking cool in Daddy's sunglasses!

Today we dug in the green manure that had overwintered in the beds. We have covered them now with weed suppressing membrane until we use them for planting.
I then did some interplanting amongst the Broad Beans (planted Nov 08) - beetroot and some leaf beet spinach where there was a big gap - they will all be up and picked so that when the Beans are finished the whole bed will be free for some brassicas to go in over the Summer.

I then helped Alex place the beds and he filled them. One bed still needs digging over some more but that was a job for another day. The other bed was sown with some green manure - Buckwheat - which is going to grow in this bed over the Summer and then be used for a crop in Autumn. The soil here needed a bit of a boost.

Picked some Purple Sprouting Broccoli for a stir fry for tea. More photo's taken then off home for lunch and play! Loving the Pear blossom at the moment - it looks great and I hope it bears some good fruit this year.

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