Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The back garden part 2

Some pictures of fun in the garden to start with, then part 2 will show how the garden progressed.

Continuing from October 2007, rainfall and the prospect of working on a muddy bank meant a lot of the work stopped here and work recommenced in February/March 2008.
Alex had dug the terraces and we decided to put in some retaining fencing made from recycled pallets.
We decided to add gravel around the plants to help keep the weeds down.
We replaced our washing machine that broke down last year after many many years of good service, so we recycled some bits from it including the drum for a heater/barbecue in the garden - that was a hard job getting that done, but we got there, and as you can see there was no build up of limescale (like those adverts try to tell us) and we live in a very hard water area.
We planted some spreading Sedums along the bottom edge - I picked these up from the rocks on the bank of the river near our home - they were growing there in no soil so I harvested some (and left some) and it's done really well. We intend to use some that we kept in pots on the green roof of our second shed, but that's another post later as the shed has only recently been built and the green roof isn't done yet.
The bottom ditch was dug out and a pipe laid and covered with gravel to help with drainage.
This is what the bank looked like from the top in April 2008.

And here's it finished in April 2008 from the patio

Imogen enjoyed helping with seedlings this year too.
So, in July 2008 the garden looked like this.

We were rather distracted for much of 2008 by the allotment we got in March 2008, so the garden was a bit neglected but still looked pretty good and was still quite productive. There is work to do to improve it more - Raspberries to move as they are in the wrong place and Kiwi fruit plants to move to the allotment (although that might need to wait until the end of this season now as we haven't the space ready yet).

Quite a transformation from May 2005.

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