Monday, 13 April 2009


For the Easter weekend we went to stay with my parents in the Midlands. Fun was had by all. We went to Sandwell Park Farm on the Saturday and had a great time looking at all the animals there. Imogen's favourites had to be the wonderful Peacocks with one male really showing off his feathers, and the piglets ... we went back to the piglets again and again and again ....

Here are some more pictures

I wish I could remember the breed of this one it was beautiful. It kept moving so took a while to get the photo.

Mommy was especially pleased to visit the Victorian Walled Kitchen garden - it was fantastic, and I look forward to re-visiting it later in the year to see how it progresses.
Imogen liked the pond in the middle and loved watching the fish.

I took a range of photos all round and tried to put them together but I can't publish it (will get some help from hubby). I think it needs a bit more work so may add it sometime. They had a great range of trained fruit.

I do like walled kitchen gardens ... mmm I sense another blog post on some kitchen gardens that inspire me.

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