Monday, 21 June 2010

Hmmm ... blog title?

Running around flying her handmade kite

Can't really think of a title for this post. I have either been too tired to blog (I'm sure I've had a virus recently that has wiped me out) or been busy doing other things, or just not sure what to write about (again tiredness doesn't help). But you know you haven't put anything on your blog for a while when your husband comes home from work and tells you that you need to update your blog! You see he likes to look at it at lunchtimes sometimes.

So, what have we done in the last week or so. Enjoying the sunshine, gardening, water play, making things, reading and lots of singing (Imogen that is, not me!).

What else, well Imogen made a lovely card for Daddy for fathers day which he loved. She also made him a book last week which we spent a lot of time on. It was of things she likes doing with Daddy. We made a list of things and I helped her with some of the writing as there was lots (in her words), and she drew pictures and stuck cut out things on there and wrote the important messages. Another treasure, Alex loved it too.

We recently went to a show and Imogen made a kite with Solent Kite flyer's who were there and it's a fantastic kit - it actually flies unlike many you see in the shops that we see others have at parks and they never seem to fly (it's always put me off getting one) - not this is brilliant, and after only a few minutes Imogen was flying it expertly and running around madly too. She had so much fun.
Imogen the Kite flyer

Nanny and Grandad came to stay the other weekend so much fun was had at the parks flying our kite, playing football and going on the bouncy jungle run which Imogen just loves jumping from the top - here she is mid-flight.

Jungle Run Bouncy castle

Football with the grandparents

They also recently bought her a keyboard which came out at the weekend. My Dad has a keyboard which Imogen loves to play with when we visit them so he wanted to buy her one, it seems she has an interest in it as I did at that age although for me it was a piano that belonged to my Nan, and was then gifted to me. She's enjoying it, making up her own tunes and following Mommy's guidance. I think I shall enjoy rediscovering playing too.

Playing the keyboard

Alex and I bottled the champagne a few days ago and it was already fizzing away, so that should be lovely. We've also been given more empty champagne bottles so while the sun is shining and the elder flowers are perfect and fragrant, we shall do another batch. We weren't going to make any more but hey if you've got the bottles ... make champagne. I need to bottle the latest batch of cordial today too.

Champagne bottled - hopefully safer this year

I was at my guild meeting on Saturday which was lovely, I took a picture of the whole group for the July newsletter, there were lots of members there on Saturday which was great. I need to spend some tome over the next couple of weeks putting the newsletter together - it's our guild's 60th anniversary this year, so a bumper issue. Of course being there made me come home and want to spin at the weekend, so I did.

Back soon for more updates. Hoping everyone else has been enjoying the sunshine too.


  1. Happy Solstice to you all, brightest blessings xx

  2. Lovely to catch up with the things you've all been doing.

    Solstice blessings to you xxx

  3. Happy summer days to you all. I love that your daughter made created a book. What a treasure to keep safe.

  4. Thanks for your comments on my elderflower disaster :-) The bottle lids do seem really strong but I will can to tell you after I have bottled some of the real stuff - maybe if we leave a decent gap for gas it may help. Thanks for the tips, will deffo give them a go :-)


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